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If you're having trouble opening your garage door, you may have a broken spring. If you notice there is a gap between your spring, it’s time to call the professionals at Columbia Best Garage Door Repair. Our experts will be more than happy to assist you!

Garage Door Springs

Garage doors come with a variety of components or mechanisms and they differ from each other just as the garage door springs. However, they are important in a way that if one malfunctions, the entire garage door system is compromised. Garage door springs come in different sizes and they are typically installed on the top of the garage door or on the side. There are two main types of garage door springs: torsion and extension springs.

It would be great if the garage spring lasted forever but the act of opening and closing the garage door multiple times a day causes wear and tear to your garage door spring and eventually it will need to be replaced. Most homeowners use their garage door more than once a day. Unfortunately, there is no way to predict when a spring will break but when it does happen, it breaks right away and you can expect a loud noise from your garage if you’re around.

Our Garage Door Spring Repair Best Practices

It is no secret that every homeowner immediately relates to how a life’s inconveniences can easily be thrown at the worst possible times. For example, you are late for work and you just need to get going. Unfortunately for you, you and your car are stuck in the garage because the door will not open. It is absolutely a mess, especially when you need it the most. This is why we always lead by example and, at the same time, make sure to follow the industry's best practices. By doing all of these, we can easily make the best recommendation to homeowners each time we step foot in a garage.

Here are the best practices we follow in every service we provide:

Replacing Both Springs – Most garage doors these days come with two springs that are installed at the same time. When one of them breaks, it is possible that the life expectancy of the springs are about to expire. In order to help you veer away from future inconvenience, we will always recommend a total garage door spring replacement. It also keeps you from any unsafe garage door practice or further damages on other garage door parts.

Using The Right Springs – We all know that garage doors differ from one to another. They just all come in all weights and sizes. As such, it is very important that the right springs are installed accordingly. Otherwise, it would be possible for the garage door to maintain proper balance. Our technicians are trained to use and install the right garage door spring to make sure that the overall system does not get any damage. This is why our technicians only install the right springs for the door's weight and check their work by performing a balance test.

Safety Inspection – With every garage door spring repair service, we start the work with a thorough and safety inspection. This is to make sure that all the hardware and/or moving parts on the garage door are in good working condition. This is also one of the ways to ensure that everything meets safety standards. Since the hardware was probably installed at the same as the springs, it is possible there are worn mechanical parts on your door that are in an unsafe state. This is why our technicians always provide a safety inspection and maintain a safe environment for our customers.


Torsion Springs- Torsion springs are the most popular form of garage door springs. The reason for that is that they last longer than extension springs and experience less wear. They’re available in many sizes and lengths based on the garage door weight. Even if your garage door has unusually sized springs, we offer custom length for torsion garage door springs. Torsion Springs are installed on the top of the garage door and they are more expensive than extension garage door springs but they are also more durable and they last about 15,000-20,000 cycles.

Extension Springs- Extension garage door springs are also common and mainly because they are less expensive than torsion garage door springs. They are ideal for small garages because they don’t require much overhead space. They are installed on the side of the garage door and extend and contract whenever the garage door is in operation. Extension springs last up to 7,000 cycles. The experts at Columbia Best Garage Door Repair always install safety cables on an extension spring system so that when the spring breaks, the safety cable will prevent it from flying around and causing you or your family an injury. Unfortunately not all garage door spring systems are installed with safety cables, call us today for your safety!

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If you need any garage door repair service, make us your first call. Our garage door technicians are licensed and highly-trained, our experts have been with us for many years. These experienced garage door spring repair professionals will come to your house at your earliest convenience and get your issue fixed in the quickest, safest, and efficient manner possible. We offer a variety of replacement parts, including garage door torsion and extension springs.

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We repair over thousands of garage doors every year in Columbia MD and the surrounding areas, so you can be confident that your door will operate perfectly when we're done. Trust us when it comes to your garage door spring system and your safety. All the springs we install are backed by a warranty. Call us today and schedule your appointment.