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Professional Commercial Garage Door Repair And Installation Services

Your garage door is an important part of your building, which means keeping it in pristine condition is essential. Be that as it may, the door consists of several systems that all need to be working optimally for smooth operation. Once that's no longer the case, you may find that you need commercial garage door repair, replacement or installation.

commercial garage door services

Provided Commercial Garage Door Services

Whether you have broken cables, broken springs, bent doors, broken doors, bent panels, broken rollers, bent tracks, broken tracks, opener needs, etc., you need professional commercial garage door services.

At Columbia Best Garage Door Repair, we install, fix, and replace various commercial garage doors. Our expert commercial garage door repair services, like our installation and replacement offerings, are completed using the elements from the best suppliers in the business, such as Amarr and Clopay.

We provide installation, replacement, and repair seven days a week for your convenience.

Repair and Replacement

There are many different reasons why your garage door and its associated components may need our professional services. Wear and tear is the most likely culprit, and we possess the experience and qualifications to handle the job.

We repair and/or replace compromised components. These include bent doors and/or panels, broken cables and springs, compromised rollers, and bent or broken tracks.


When your garage door panels are on their last legs, the problem creates a security risk and an eyesore at the same time. Maintaining the integrity of your door means having panels that are always in acceptable to mint condition.

It's very unlikely that worn, cracked, or damaged panels are going to be repaired. Most of the time, a replacement is done, and we can provide that service for you.


While torsion springs and extension springs are options in residential applications, commercial garage doors only use torsion springs. These need to store and use energy in the correct proportions to move the heavy garage door as intended. Therefore, when a spring begins to show signs of wear, it's not something that you want to be repaired. Instead, it's best to replace the torsion springs with new and sturdy ones. We provide an excellent torsion spring replacement service to meet this need.


Cables also work with the springs to ensure that your garage door consistently moves in the expected controlled motion that it was designed to. Unfortunately, these cables are susceptible to breakage over time.

When this happens, the only solution is to replace them. Even if cables could be repaired, it would not be a very good idea to use a material that is at less than 100% for such a critical task.

We provide an expert garage door cable replacement service that is bound to have everything working like new again.


Apart from wear and tear, garage door tracks can have grime, grease, and other compounds building up over time. The result of this is that the door starts to operate less optimally since it's going to be opening a bit slower.

Additionally, the door could end up falling on a person or a vehicle, which is not an outcome you even want to think about. There is also the consideration of potential structural damage because of faulty tracks.

Tracks can become progressively misaligned or completely broken. Regardless of what the case may be, our professional team handles the issue by fixing them and reverting the alignment to what it is supposed to be.


Rollers are important components of the garage door system that's are unfortunately overlooked by many. They must work together to help ensure that your garage door can move in one smooth motion. Though there are multiple rollers president, one faulty roller can throw all the others out of whack.

This creates the all too familiar scenario where a garage door begins to go off track. One cannot overemphasize how important garage door rollers are to stability.

Cracks or breaks in a roller can cause your door to jam completely, which makes opening or closing a difficult task. These components are way more often replaced than they are repaired when something is amiss.

Commercial Garage Door Installation

Before you can have any discussion about a garage door, your property needs to have one installed. There is no better commercial garage door company than Columbia Best Garage Door Repair to handle the installation of systems, such as commercial overhead doors for you.

A garage door is as important visually as it is for security reasons, which means an expert installation is required. Our team consists of highly skilled and experienced technicians who can get the job done efficiently and correctly.

Not only do we have the best where people are concerned, but the tools and equipment that we use to carry out any garage door setup are top-tier. To this end, we work with major companies, such as Amarr and Cloplay, to bring the best of the garage door experience to your building.

Rest assured that once we are finished, you are not going to have anything to worry about.

Commercial Garage Door Openers

Your garage door opener is yet another essential consideration in the system. It is very unlikely for a commercial building to use a door that only uses a manual opening mechanism. Therefore, you need a garage door opener that you can depend on consistently.

When the system works well, you tend to go through the opening and closing the door as a part of muscle memory. That's because they work so smoothly together consistently. It's when things are amiss that you remember that the system is there.

We aim to give you a positive experience, which is why we work with Liftmaster, which is the number one garage door opener supplier on the market. Liftmaster openers are highly customizable, making them perfect options for adapting to whatever your environmental needs are.

Additionally, these openers are built with immense durability, so you can expect to have one for a while. We install openers, repair openers, and replace openers as needed to help you to maintain consistent operation. Commercial garage door openers are amazing when they work well, and we want to ensure that yours always does.