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There are a few things that can go wrong with your garage door over time. A garage door cable can get wound up around the drum, jamming the door which can make it drop to one side. When this happens, you will notice that the door will catch as it is being lowered. This is problematic because it interferes with the opening and closing of the garage door, making it difficult for you to get in and out. But that is just one of the potential problems.

Sometimes, garage door cables can get completely unwound from the drum and the best way to correct this is call a garage door cable repair company to reconnect it.

Why Do Garage Door Cables Break?

Even if you install a superior garage door system, they will experience wear and tear through the years just like any machine. The cables can lose tension, fray, or snap.

You should know that attempting to fix a broken garage door cable on your own can cause several other problems. It takes professional training and extensive experience to properly repair these cable issues. Furthermore, you could put yourself and your family in danger and at risk of personal injury. Instead of paying for just the repair costs, you could end up paying for more repairs, replacements, and hospital bills.

To avoid further damages and injuries, it’s best to call a professional technician to do the garage door cable repair.

Understanding Garage Door Cables

There are different types of garage door systems and they may feature different cables depending on the types of springs are installed.

Lift Cables
Garage doors with torsion springs use lift cables. In this setting, you will see that the cables are attached to the corners down below. They extend from the torsion garage door springs which are installed above the garage door.

Retaining Cables
These are used on garage doors with extension springs. These systems have the cables installed inside the springs and run vertically from the left side of the door to the right. Retaining cables prevent the extension springs from getting removed and flying across the room in case they break which can be dangerous.

These two cables are heavy
duty and are designed with galvanized wires. They can last for years without breaking but they can get worn out faster because of several problems such as faulty bearings and poor track alignment. If there is excess moisture near the bottom of the door, it can also cause rust and corrosion which may affect the cables.

What Else Can Go Wrong with a Garage Door Cable?

One of the most common reasons why garage door cables break is simply age. Just like any working parts of a machine, they will experience wear and tear over the years. The cables can weaken and sometimes, snap.

Rust can corrode a garage door cable and if it is not repaired in time, the rust will eat up the cable eventually.

Fraying causes the cables to snap like in a rope. Ropes, like garage door cables, are made of smaller ropes wound together to make it thicker. Garage door cables are designed similarly so if one of those smaller cables break, there would be fraying in the other little cables until the main cable snaps.

No matter the cause of why a garage door cable came off, it is best to call a garage door cable repair technician to correct the problem.

What to Do In Case of a Broken Garage Door Cable?

If you suspect a problem with your garage door cable, it is best to avoid using the garage door in the meantime until you schedule a repair service. Operating a garage door with a broken cable may cause more damage to the door.

Professional Garage Door Cable Repair

Columbia Best Garage Door Repair is one of the best garage door cable repair companies in Maryland. Our technicians have the professional training and extensive experience required to handle all types of garage door repairs.

They use only the latest technology equipment to perform the repairs to ensure that you get the best quality service. Our aim is to provide solutions that last so you don’t have to experience the same problem again.

We value your time so we ensure that we provide only the best and most efficient service. When you schedule an appointment, our technicians will be in your location on time for the scheduled repair.

If your garage door cable came off or if you notice that something is not working correctly in your garage door, give us a call and a staff will assist you in scheduling a repair. Our team of professional garage door cable repair technicians will diagnose the problem and advise you of your best options for them to fix the issue.